About Us

3STI Hong Kong has been estublished in 2017 as a purchasing company for Siani Food in Switzerland and Terraidam in Sri Lanka for food and non-food goods.

Siani Food has been estublished on July 1st. 1992 in Switzerland by its owner Mr. A. Siani graduated on 1982 B.Sc. Food Engineering and Bio-Technology.

Mr. Siani has got a long time an International experience in Production, R&D by Nestle Switzerland as well as in Marketing in Switzerland and EU.

Our companies are directed through very good and skilled professional people which has been chosen by Mr. Siani itself to guaranty a high level service to our customers and fair prices.

3STI philosophy is avoiding “peoples wandering” around the world by let them Maintain themselves and their families in their own environment which is natural and social environment. Since generally each person is happy in his family circle and will go abroad only as a tourist and back its homeland on one hand.

On another hand 3STI would like to participate in the very high development potential of the countries in the Far east.